Hardware/ Software Solutions

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Clay Lovelace


Routers, PC's, Keyboards, Mouse, Switches, Cable, Modems, etc.
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Running Slow?
Can't Print?
Need to Scan?
Are you ready for a hard drive to crash?
Is your PC backed up?
Need dual monitors?


From Windows XP to Windows 10 and Mac. Driver installs, Scanning solutions, File indexing, Computer clean up etc.

Lexmark Fleet Manager

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What is Lexmark Fleet Manager?
Breaking down barriers and helping you help people get to work is what Lexmark is all about. So
how can Lexmark help you build a print practice for your customers?

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Square 9 Index scanning made easy!

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Our commitment to proven practices and cutting edge technologies has led to the development of a library of innovative tools for business automation. As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 has become the creative force in the next generation of Content Management Solutions allowing organizations of all sizes to embrace the reality of a paperless office.

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Most all Operating Systems.